Are you ready for Selaks NZ Roast Day?

Are you ready for Selaks NZ Roast Day?

Celebrity Chef Simon Gault is this year’s Selaks NZ Roast Day ambassador.
Celebrity Chef Simon Gault is this year’s Selaks NZ Roast Day ambassador.

There’s nothing like creating a sense of theatre when you present your roast to the table and the swish of a carving knife across steel is sure to perfectly set the scene.

With Selaks NZ Roast Day 2015 just a few days away, it’s time to sort out the culinary details that will impress the guests at your place.

Simon Gault has wise words for the scene-setting host. “Enjoying each other’s company is what the spirit of a good roast is all about so if you are the chef we’ve got some helpful hints to ensure you enjoy the family roast as much as everyone else.

“First, look for some delicious roast accompaniments and desserts that can be made prior to the event to help free you up, give you more time with your guests and help alleviate any entertaining stress,” Gault says.

“And for me, roasts should be rustic so if you agree, do keep it simple and don’t overdo your table setting. It also helps to create a bar area so guests can help themselves easily and free you up from one more chore.”

But before you start thinking about what to cook, the most important thing is to invite your friends and family for Sunday 2 August to celebrate New Zealand’s most loved winter meal. Good company along with hearty food and great wine – there’s so much to love about Selaks NZ Roast Day.

Simon Gault says Selaks NZ Roast Day represents family time for him. “Growing up, roasts were always big in my house, a real treat enjoyed with family and friends. We used to have roasts on the weekends and the tasty aromas floating through the house in the afternoons were heavenly.

“And my mother never forgot to warm up the gravy boat with hot water first,” Gault says.

For those short on inspiration and looking for roasting tips and ideas, the Selaks NZ Roast Day website is the place to go. It has a full assortment of delicious roast recipes from Simon Gault, the 2015 Roast Day ambassador, and previous ambassadors Nici Wickes, Jonny Schwass and Paul Jobin.

Top tips

To complete the menu, Selaks shares some tips on how to best entertain with a tipple or two.

• White wines are at their optimum at seven to 10C. Most fridges are at three or four degrees so bring out the white wines for five or 10 minutes before serving.

• Red wines are best served at room temperature – around 15 to 18C.

• When matching food and wine consider all the elements of the dish e.g. the gravy, the herbs and what else is on the plate.

To take advantage of the Simon Gault recipes matched with Selaks Reserve wines and to enter the draw to win Roast Day prize packs head to

For more information on Selaks NZ Roast Day and to upload your family favourite roast images go to, or @selakswines #SelaksRoast

About Selaks New Zealand Roast Day

The winter culinary calendar wouldn’t be the same without Selaks New Zealand Roast Day. Selaks is proud to bring Kiwis the sixth annual celebration of the humble roast on Sunday, 2 August 2015.

Now in its 81st year, Selaks Wines – founded in 1934 by Croatian immigrant Marino Selak – continues to live up to its rich history of bringing family and friends together over good food and wine. As a well-entrenched part of Kiwi tradition, the roast is one of New Zealand’s most loved meals. Selaks NZ Roast Day is about gathering loved ones together and recapturing all the fun, fanfare and good times that go with a Sunday roast.

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