Accolades keep rolling in for Simply Pure

Accolades keep rolling in for Simply Pure

NZLN-Blue-DuckIn 2014, Simply Pure Rarified Spirits received five awards including Blue Duck Rare Vodka being awarded the highest accolade at the prestigious San Francisco International Spirit Competition, Double Gold. Already this year Blue Duck was voted Top 10 Vodkas in the World while its sister brand Black Robin was again awarded Double Gold in The Fifty Best Awards. Chuffed to bits, Simply Pure announced the honours and celebrated with a Rare Trip competition.

But the accolades keep coming, with gold for Blue Duck Vodka in The Fifty Best Awards and both brands achieving gold medals in this year’s US SIP awards in a category reserved only for previous winners.

“It’s getting silly in the best possible way,” says Peter Darroch, CEO of Simply Pure Rarified Spirits.  “If we put all the awards on the bottles, you wouldn’t be able to see the label.”


1) Blue Duck Rare Vodka – Top 10 Vodka in the World – Shortlist Magazine 2015

2) Blue Duck Rare Vodka – Gold – The Fifty Best – US 2015

3) Blue Duck Rare Vodka – Gold – SIPS – US 2015

4) Blue Duck Rare Vodka – CCA – SIPS – US 2015 (*awards two years in a row)

5) Black Robin Rare Gin – Gold – SIPS – US 2015

6) Black Robin Rare Gin – CCA – SIPS – US 2015 (*awards two years in a row)

7) Black Robin Rare Gin – Double Gold – The Fifty Best – US 2015 (two years in a row)


The Consumers’ Choice Award is presented to brands that demonstrate the ultimate in quality to consumers year after year. The SIP Awards revolutionize the international spirits arena by bringing the voice of the people to the masses. A cross section of consumer judges decide the true quality of spirit brands from around the world.   FACEBOOK blackrobingin  INSTAGRAM @blackrobingin  TWITTER @blackrobingin  PINTREST blackrobingin

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