World Environment Day sparks innovation at ecostore

World Environment Day sparks innovation at ecostore

ecostore is launching an innovative new cleaning concentrate to help reduce New Zealand’s plastic footprint and support the aims of the United Nations’ World Environment Day for a cleaner planet.

World Environment Day on June 5 was focused on promoting global awareness to drive action to protect our environment because there is no planet B.

The ecostore team believe that action made every day counts, and are now offering customers the opportunity to swap the same ecostore products they love and use daily, to a new range of ecostore Cleaner Refill Concentrates.

Packed in tiny, child-safe glass bottles, the 10x concentrated and powerful formula can be combined with tap water in reusable spray bottles, minimising the packaging and transport of containers that are mostly filled with water. The move will remove 97,000 plastic bottles a year and save 6.45 tonnes of plastic waste a year and help the world be a little cleaner to mark World Environment Day.

ecostore group CEO Pablo Kraus

Ecostore group CEO Pablo Kraus says, “Globally, one million plastic bottles are bought every minute and just 9% of these bottles are recycled. Closer to home, Kiwis consume about 735 thousand tonnes of packaging every year and recycle only about 58% of it.

“Every time our customer uses the new ecostore refill concentrate bottle, they use 90% less plastic waste because each spray head lasts for 24 refills. This can make a 1.46kg of plastic saving and we can divert 6,450kgs of plastic waste from landfills each year.

“This World Environment Day we want to stand up and be counted as being part of the solution to reduce plastic waste and remove and replace any unnecessary single-use plastic.”

The new ecostore Cleaner Refill Concentrate range includes:

•       Bathroom & Shower Cleaner Refill Concentrate: This antibacterial formula cuts through dirt, soap scum and hard water spots, while being kind to bathroom surfaces. Formulated to cling to slippery surfaces, reducing fumes and waste, and killing common household germs including salmonella, e.coli, staphylococcus and enterococcus.

•       Glass Cleaner Refill Concentrate: Formulated to leave nothing behind but a gleaming, streak-free finish on glass surfaces, windows and mirrors.

•       Multi-Purpose Cleaner Refill Concentrate: This effective antibacterial cleaner makes short work of oil, food, dust and dirt on hard household surfaces, bench tops, appliances and walls. Using citric acid, a safer alternative to Benzalkonium Chloride, it’s proven to kill common household germs and bacteria, including salmonella, e.coli, staphylococcus and enterococcus.

Each 50ml refill concentrate is cost effectively priced at NZD$4.49, and available now at supermarkets, speciality grocery stores and online at

To create the cleaning spray, simply fill a clean, empty 500ml spray bottle with 450ml water; add concentrate contents; and shake gently to mix. When refilled, customers are advised to recycle their glass bottle at kerbside (with the cap off).

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