Woolworths trials ‘shop and go’ technology

Woolworths trials ‘shop and go’ technology

Woolworths is currently trialing a new system of “shop and go” technology in its Double Bay store.

Beginning the trial in early September, customers can scan groceries with their smartphones while they shop and then are able to leave the store without having to go through a ‘traditional’ checkout system.

Woolworths has invited a slew of its loyalty scheme members who already shop in the suburb, to test and trial the Scan&Go app.

The app is used to scan barcodes on each item before its put in the customer’s basket or shopping bag. There are also specially-designed produce scales for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Once customers have finished shopping, they are able to pay through the app which is linked to their credit card.

Woolworths’ head of digital and payments Paul Monnington said using the app was a natural step in right direction.

“We’re getting feedback from customers who are busier and busier… and they’re using their mobile phones all the time,” says Monnington.

“So we’re looking at actually making that shopping experience better and more convenient for them, and actually bringing the mobile into that world.”

Woolworths sees two potential benefits for customers including using the app to track spending during the shop and being able to exit the store quickly.


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