Well that’s a little Flashy

Well that’s a little Flashy

Some days you just need to go with the flow, you know the days – the ones where everything just seems a little mundane and there isn’t really anything that special about those daylight hours. Well insert a little novelty and a little bit of flash, and what’s that? A smile on your face.

The LED Charging Cables from Fuse are of course a cable, but just a little bit flashy. There is a huge difference between being a novelty, like these enlightening little guys are, versus being a gimmick.

Whilst it is a lot of fun that you can see the light flow and then slow as your device reaches full charge, the Fuse LED Lightning Cables still are accredited with the trusted Made For iPhone Certification that you trust and rely on.

The cable features a smart sensor so that you can see when your device is fully charged, it’s simple – the cable stops flashing – so whilst the flashing might seem like just a cool effect, it also serves a practical purpose.

The cables also feature 24 plus American wire gauge meaning certainty in power and data transfer is on point with Fuse. So from a brand that you’re used to saying “sounds like fun” these bad boys also “look like fun” but are built to handle some serious charging business.

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