Now you can cook like a pro, and whip up an authentic Asian noodle soup at home in just 10mins, thanks to the launch of three new ready-to-use broths. True food brand Pitango has joined forces with Sachie Nomura, founder of the award winning cooking school Sachie’s Kitchen, to create a delicious new range of authentic Asian inspired fresh broths that are designed to help you make tasty traditional dishes in a fraction of the time.

Pitango has joined forces with Sachie Nomura.

The broth range contains 3 varieties:

  • Vietnamese style Pho beef bone broth
  • Japanese style Ramen bone broth
  • Japanese style Miso broth (vegan friendly)

The secret to an authentic Ramen, Pho or Miso dish is a broth that has been simmered low & slow for many hours. Each Pitango broth is made from scratch, to Sachie’s signature recipe, using the best ingredients and slowly simmered for 12hours to bring out the complex authentic flavours. Dishes like Ramen & Pho are so popular right now and these broths are amazing bases from which you can get really creative; combining it with noodles, vegetables and proteins you can build you own flavour packed creation.

All three Pitango broths are free from artificial flavours & colours, contain no added MSG or preservatives and each pack make two serves of an authentic Asian noodle soup meal. You’ll find recipe inspiration on the back of each pack.

Available from the chiller section.

Contact your local Alliance representative or Ph: 09 2604110

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