Sweet addition to I LOVE PIES range

Sweet addition to I LOVE PIES range

rsz_6-i_love_dessertpies05The clever team at I LOVE PIES launched their latest products at an elegant tea party in Auckland recently and the FMCG Business team was there to celebrate with Co-founders Maree Glading and Jessie Stanley.

General Manager Dene Brosnan said: “This month we have an exciting new launch into the dessert section of the freezer with a range of family fruit pies made with 100% all butter pastry. For us it was the logical next step to leverage our success in savoury pies into the dessert category. The category appealed to us because we have seen a great opportunity to reinvigorate it (currently in decline -3.6% on YA*) with a quality premium offering which will drive increased margin for our customers,” says Brosnan.

“We have three new premium flavours: Sweet Apple with a hint of lemon zest, Apple & Raspberry Crumble Pie and Salted Caramel Apple. The pies have a premium look and feel with a crimped edge and a beautiful lattice top. Like all of our products these pies are different to what is on the market as they don’t contain any palm oil, margarine, preservatives or artificial flavours or colours. The packaging is in a premium recycled look box, it is also great to inject more fun and excitement into the category with our modern branding.”

Brosnan adds: “Our brand has been successful because people recognise and appreciate the high quality ingredients we use and are prepared to pay a little bit more for that. Consumers are becoming more and more savvy to what goes into the food they consume and don’t want the back panel to look like a NASA space experiment. People are also time poor and often making dessert from scratch is last on their priority list, it is great to be able to offer a quality product like you would make at home and would be proud to give guests or family for dinner. In regards to flavour trends, consumers are becoming more willing to experiment and are more open to interesting gourmet flavours, our Salted Caramel Apple pie is a perfect example of the type of flavour that you wouldn’t have seen on supermarket shelves five years ago, but is now widely accepted and appreciated by consumers,” says Brosnan.

*IRI Market Edge Scan Data 17/7.16

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