Spookily sweet treats

Spookily sweet treats

A different kind of sweet treat is being picked as a favourite for Halloween 2017, with the spooky celebration about to sweep the streets of New Zealand.

Little Sweets tomatoes are currently being grown, for the second year running, by T&G Global (formerly Turners and Growers) – the largest New Zealand grower of these little red treats – in preparation for Halloween.

But their specialist growers aren’t working unaided – helping them out are thousands of hard-working bumble bees who are flying freely between vines, gently pollinating Sweets tomato flowers and ensuring a taste sensation this Halloween.

And while some kids might initially be fearful of the little red balls, they’ll soon relish the burst of sweetness once they bite into Sweets tomatoes.

Popular with kiwis of all ages, Sweets tomatoes bewitched goblins to witches last Halloween – they even won over pumpkins and parents.

Their easy-to-carry, sustainable packaging makes Sweets perfect for loot bags with the bonus of being a nutrient-dense, super-food that will ward off the most ominous zombies and vampires – and clowns!

Sweets trick or treat tomatoes are available for a limited time throughout New World and PAK’n SAVE stores nationwide from 16 to 31 October. And at $1.99 a punnet, it’s safe to say Halloween-goers will only need to perform a little trick to earn them!

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