Market ready by design

Market ready by design

Why do most new product launches fail? What makes the difference for those that succeed? Jenny McMillan of Brother Design examines the importance of market-ready design.

With everyone largely back at work, this is a time of year that often sees a surge in new product launches. While carrying the hopes and dreams of their creators, the reality is that only a fraction of new product ideas make it on shelf, and only a fraction of those succeed once in store or online.

Brother Design work for the Let’s Eat range.

At Brother Design we’ve taken many new products to market from all sorts of businesses big and small, and almost without exception they’ve gone on to be successful. So what’s the secret?

The plain truth is it’s the result of hard work and experience. Working with some of the biggest names in FMCG, we’ve learned a great deal about what it takes for a product to succeed in the face of fierce competition, stringent listing practices and overwhelming consumer choice. It’s distilled into a methodology we bring to the design process, but it also means we counsel clients on their plans, sometimes long before our designers even move a mouse.

Because here’s the scary truth: a new product idea can fall over at any stage, from its genesis as an idea to its appearance in the market. Only by understanding a market opportunity in depth, and doing every single thing right, will a new product qualify as being market ready.

Of course our primary skill is in design and that’s where we add most value to a brand’s market readiness. As the saying goes, there’s no second chance to make a first impression. And whether that’s a sales presentation to your desired distribution channel or when your product sits alone on the shelf, it’s the quality of design that makes that impression.

Successful design brings immediate rewards. Time and again, we’ve seen sales shoot up overnight as new designs go on shelf. Our work for Farrah’s wraps was a prime example: an excellent product that had its potential unleashed by clever design that inspired the consumer with ways to use the product.

Great design not only helps this alignment between the product offering and the market opportunity, it will talk to the consumer in a way that communicates it.

Brother welcomes new Account Manager

Busy times at Brother Design means they’re extremely happy to welcome their latest recruit Casey Oxenham. As an account manager, Casey has worked for several design groups across a wide range of categories and says she’s relishing the chance to bring that experience to bear at Brother.

Casey’s life experience adds an interesting mix as well. She lived in France for some time and has a great appreciation of the culture, while her degree (and a favourite pastime) is photography.

“Casey is a great addition to the team,” says Jenny McMillan, Business Development Director at Brother. “Her skills and experience will really make a difference, so we’re really looking forward to a big year.”

If your back-to-work plans include a product launch we’d encourage you to make market-readiness your focus. And definitely invest in quality design.

Jenny McMillan
Business Development Director
Brother Design
Phone 021 1932141

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