Insights that matter: How to win in FMCG

Insights that matter: How to win in FMCG

Marketers know that a healthy brand is one of the most important assets any company can have. That’s why they’re turning to Tracksuit, a new always-on, radically affordable and effective brand tracking solution. It’s giving marketing teams a simple approach to tracking and quantifying the impact of marketing (and better understanding future demand).

Tracksuit is quickly becoming the favourite web app for high growth brands in FMCG, with customers enjoying world-class brand tracking. It’s modern, digital and easy to use.

Damon Youdale, leader in Brand Marketing and Innovation at Good George, shares ​​”Tracksuit has become a key tool for future brand planning and tracking of campaigns.”

Rob Lockyear, Global Brand Lead at Allpress, adds “Allpress has always been a brand-led coffee company. Until using Tracksuit we had no idea what impact our brand spend was having on awareness, consideration and preference in New Zealand and Australia against our key competitors”.

Image caption: Allpress launches capsule version of its iconic cafe coffee in 2021

Understanding impact with Tracksuit

With help from Tracksuit, marketers inspired by innovation now have an amazing opportunity to bolster branding efforts that will ensure greater long-term success. FMCG and Food & Beverage brands, like Allpress, All Good Oat Milk, Pic’s, Good George, Yealands, The Collective, Blue Frog Breakfast and more, are able to use their insights to:

  • understand their awareness, consideration and preference metrics compared to core competitors
  • have better conversations with retailers to increase distribution and secure more shelf space
  • tighten product lines and influence new product development
  • strengthen market position
  • optimise the impact of marketing and brand investment (and help get more budget!)

All of this can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of a large-scale brand tracking programme. With Tracksuit always on, you can jog away from exorbitant fees without breaking a sweat.

Why is building brand – and measuring it – important?

We build brand to grow future demand for our product or service. As clever marketers know, the strongest brands make for the strongest companies.

Tracksuit’s Director (and global thought leader) James Hurman agrees. “In an increasingly competitive landscape, businesses excel when they use brand as a competitive advantage.”

With the backing of strong branding, the acquisition of more customers becomes easier, more value is realised over time from customers and moats will safeguard against competition or downturns.

Outlining the importance of this, a 2021 Facebook Research Group said, “Companies without a strong brand eventually exhaust their existing demand, and because they haven’t created any future demand by growing their brand, their success plateaus.”

Modern marketers already wield the knowledge that significant value can be extracted from brand health building.

But the trouble they have is making the business case for investment in brand activity, even though it’s clearly in the best interest of any business to do so.

On this matter, Hurman says, “the data shows that the most effective brands spend more of their overall budget (60%) on brand-building than sales activation activity (40%).”

There is perhaps no greater and more underrated competitive advantage than brand tracking technology.

This is because what can be measured can be managed. Companies that want to effectively build their brand over time need the tools to measure it.

The Tracksuit solution: Making brand tracking more accessible

For a fraction of the price of traditional brand tracking services, Tracksuit’s online platform enables any company to track the strength of their brand according to their core categories. It’s also easy to use. “The platform is very user friendly, so it makes tracking awareness and consideration against our competitive set very easy to review,” says Faye, General Manager of All Good Oat Milk, a classic favourite that works with fair trade and organic growers to bring Kiwis ingredients and products they can trust.

Tracksuit’s brand tracking helps plan effectively for growth, optimise messaging based on what resonates with customers, calculate marketing ROI, and identify which campaigns work the best. Tracksuit’s dashboards visualise key funnel metrics, from awareness to usage. Better still, you can access all these insights for your competitors, too.

With Tracksuit, businesses that desperately need these insights to compete with and disrupt large corporate incumbents have a remarkable opening to do so.

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