Tastes like victory

Tastes like victory

Pepsi Max has challenged New Zealand’s biggest selling full sugar cola to a blind taste test and the results are in, revealing over half of Kiwis prefer the refreshing taste of Pepsi Max that contains absolutely no sugar*.

Frucor Suntory, the New Zealand distributor of Pepsi Max, is delighted to reveal these findings, says Ben Andrews, Frucor Suntory Oceania Head of CSDs & Partner Brands.

“The Pepsi Max Taste Challenge asks Kiwi cola drinkers to challenge their taste buds and it’s significant, and satisfying, to see their taste preferences coming through. This year’s results are the best we’ve seen.

“We think this will really challenge people’s preconceptions about colas and will build a new appreciation for the refreshing taste of Pepsi Max, making people think twice about the cola they pick out of the fridge.

“These results are underpinned by really strong sales growth for Pepsi Max, with sales growing year on year, far ahead of the wider cola category.**”

The blind taste test challenge was conducted across the country by independent third-party authenticator Kantar Research. It involved a short questionnaire followed by a blind taste test of Pepsi Max alongside the biggest competitor full sugar cola. Pepsi Max was the preferred drink for all age groups, genders, and locations.

The Pepsi Max Taste Challenge has been conducted across New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia and Europe, having last been conducted on our shores in 2021 where Pepsi Max was again deemed the preferred choice.

To celebrate the results of the challenge, Pepsi Max launched a ‘taste of victory’ media campaign, with digital video, social media, print, and out-of-home activations. The news of Pepsi Max winning the battle of Kiwis’ tastebuds was heroed across the front covers of New Zealand papers last month, and is across the country’s screens and billboards throughout June.

*Pepsi Max Taste Challenge carried out across New Zealand from 17.10.22 to 30.03.23, surveying 14,062 participants. 54.86% of participants chose the taste of Pepsi Max in blind taste tests against full sugar Coca Cola. Blind testing was conducted in three Auckland malls and three universities from across New Zealand. The challenge was conducted by a third party.

** IRI, Total Scan Market $ sales, 2022 calendar year vs 2021 calendar year.

To stock Pepsi Max, contact Brent Snaddon, National BDM Frucor Suntory at brent.snaddon@frucorsuntory.com.

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