Innovation to grow your brand

Innovation to grow your brand

Taking advantage of challenging times

Historically, times of great disruption often offer the greatest opportunities for innovating. At Kantar, we know from our Brand Z expertise, brands that innovate typically achieve higher returns and recover faster from economic challenges. New tensions, accelerating trends and even New Zealanders’ values shifting, mean that whilst businesses have had to adapt and evolve their approaches, new opportunities have emerged. However, in uncharted territories innovation need not be completely new – it can be just better, more convenient, or more affordable than existing products. Though the consumer landscape is constantly evolving, Kantar can help you understand these changes, identify, size and leverage emerging opportunities.

Meaningfully different innovation

To build strong brands, and for innovation to create long term sustained growth, we must follow the brand principles of being meaningful and different. Meaningfully different innovation is the lifeblood of brands because it helps support brand growth through incremental sales, both now and into the future. Ensuring innovation is different will help your brands stand out from the competition. Kantar’s innovation approach will not only help you understand if your new ideas are transformational or incremental, but if they are meaningful and different.

Innovation insights at the speed of business

Kantar Marketplace offers a solution that keeps pace with the most agile of approaches, while accounting for the interplay between both intuitive and considered responses. You can now test your early stage innovation ideas, test concepts or screen potential packaging options within 48-72 hours. Based on our renowned and validated methodologies, you can ensure your innovation insights are always at the speed of your business.

Insight across the entire innovation journey

Kantar offers expert guidance no matter what stage of the innovation pipeline you are at, whether that be early-stage blue sky opportunity identification, idea generating and testing, concept screening and optimisation, packaging and claim testing, optimising product pricing or portfolio planning. For our food and beverage clients, we integrate best practice Sensory approaches that ensure your final product will be as successful as the concept you envisioned.

The increasing role of sustainability

New Zealanders are more committed to living sustainably than ever before. However the increase in everyday prices and the perceived onus of sustainability on businesses, puts increasing pressure to create innovation that is mutually beneficial. Businesses must identify behavioural influences on decision making and understand the contextual challenges to create lasting and profitable, sustainable innovation. Knowing where and how to innovate sustainably will become increasingly important. Kantar can help your business innovate in the right areas and overcome the value-action gap.

Measuring the impact of CPI

The cost of living has become New Zealanders’ biggest concern and is the number one barrier to choosing more sustainable product messages. Many businesses have been forced to adjust prices over recent months – with the impact of this being a hot topic of conversation with our clients. Kantar has helped many businesses, both locally and internationally, understand the impact on market performance of pricing adjustments or SKU changes or even product formulation changes.

Need breakthrough innovation ideas? We guide and inspire you through all your innovation challenges, from identifying the crucial moments of opportunity and where to play, to when and how to deliver the ultimate experience.

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