Hellers donates its 2 millionth snag to school sausage sizzles

Hellers donates its 2 millionth snag to school sausage sizzles

Hellers is proud to announce it has donated its two-millionth sausage for the essential kiwi tradition of the school sausage sizzle fundraiser.

The Sausages for Schools programme that Hellers started a decade ago is back after a long hiatus due to Covid lockdowns and restrictions, and is now building up again in preparation for the summer BBQ season.

The two-millionth sausage was sold at Pukekohe Intermediate on Wednesday 28th September, where the community was fundraising for heating and tables for their breakfast club’s outside dining area. Chief sausage sizzler Leigh Hart was in attendance to mark the occasion.

“What would a good old fashioned school fundraiser be without the sausage sizzle? It was awesome to sizzle up a storm at Pukekohe Intermediate and congratulate the lucky punter who got to eat that momentous two-millionth sausage!,” said Leigh.

Pukekohe Intermediate Principal Rebekah Pearson said she had hoped for a big turnout on the day and was pleasantly surprised.

“We’re delighted and grateful to Hellers for providing such a fantastic service to the country’s schools by supporting their fundraising activities. Schools rely on fundraisers to pay for all kinds of extras that would otherwise not get done, so it’s great to see Hellers’ community spirit in action, and the kids loved meeting Leigh.”

Hellers began its Sausages for Schools initiative to help schools fundraise back in 2012 and has helped to raise $4 million for schools the length and breadth of Aotearoa.

Primary and Intermediate schools can apply to Hellers outlining their particular funding need. This could be anything from new equipment for camps, uniforms or rebuilding and upgrading environments. If Hellers can meet their needs they will supply sausages for the school’s sausage sizzle free of charge, which the schools can then sell for $2 each.

Over 300 school fundraisers are supported every year by Hellers, or 30 schools a month. Over the last decade that works out to over 3,000 fundraisers.

“Two million sausages is the equivalent of about 220 kilometres if they were lined up end to end. That’s like 2,200 rugby fields, over two Cook Straits or the distance from Auckland to Rotorua!,” added Leigh.

Hellers chief executive Christine Cash said it was wonderful to get the programme going again after such a long break.

“We’re really proud to mark this major milestone as Sausages for Schools kicks back into action. It’s amazing to think about how many schools have benefited from the programme already and we look forward to providing many more sausages in the future for these important community events,” she said.

Apply for Sausages for Schools here for your next fundraising event.

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