Skip the Jitters, Savour the Flavour

Skip the Jitters, Savour the Flavour

As people become more health-conscious, decaf tea is gaining wider acceptance for retaining the health benefits and goodness of regular tea, while reducing the caffeine content in each cup.​  In fact, the Decaf Tea segment is currently growing 3x faster* than the Tea Category as consumers who are sensitive to caffeine want healthy, plant-based beverages that are suitable any time of the day.

Catering to this trend, Dilmah has launched the new Dilmah Decaf English Breakfast and Dilmah Decaf Earl Grey.  

They come in a handy 20-pack of tagged teabags for maximum convenience while offering new occasions for consumers to indulge in a hot ‘cuppa’.

Dilmah prides itself on using a natural CO2 method to extract caffeine.  Not only is it considered as the safest and most eco-friendly process, but also retains greater levels of flavour and health-giving antioxidants as well as retaining naturally occurring L-Theanine, which is well know to assist with cognitive function. 

And of course, it goes without saying, these quality Dilmah Ceylon teas are handpicked and packed at source, to retain all the goodness and taste.




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