Share or Savour the New Nutella® Biscuits!

Share or Savour the New Nutella® Biscuits!

2023 is set to be the most delicious year yet, with Nutella® bringing the long-awaited Nutella Biscuits to New Zealand. Already iconic in Italy and the rest of Europe, Kiwis can now enjoy the world’s favourite choc-hazelnut spread in a biscuit.

The perfect treat to make days shared with friends and family even better, Nutella Biscuits feature a creamy heart of Nutella encased in a delicious crunchy biscuit. A new twist on the classic sandwich biscuit, Nutella Biscuits come in a resealable bag, perfect for sharing.

The unique chocolate hazelnut blend of Nutella is made with a meticulous selection of high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients and an exacting, artisan-inspired production method.

Since 1964, Nutella has grown to become the world’s most popular choc-hazelnut spread, loved by millions around the world. Known first for its iconic jar, Nutella can now be enjoyed in both bar and biscuit form.

Nutella Biscuits can be found in the biscuit aisle of major grocery stores. RRP $6.00.
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