Rapid growth for Cartel Food Company

Rapid growth for Cartel Food Company

rsz_cartel_foodCartel Food Company has successfully launched handmade premium frozen burritos and quesadillas in New Zealand supermarkets.

“We launched our burritos and quesadilla’s in Wellington’s Moore Wilsons and Martinborough’s Pain and Kershaw Four Square in May 2015. Sales have grown on average 30% month on month since we began trading. We are now stocked in over 30 stores in Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch. Our rapid growth has meant that we out grew our manufacturing capacity ahead of schedule. We outsourced production to a contract manufacturer in January. This has meant we can now service demand from supermarkets at a national level,” explains Co-owner Melissa Philips.

What are the consumer trends in this category, in her experience? “We’ve seen a move back to the freezer in search of quality convenience food. Examples of this are: artisan ready meals, free range chicken portions, organic berries, and a proliferation of gourmet ice creams. On shelf we’ve noted the continuing growth in the Mexican category with an explosion of new brands, products, and range extensions from existing players.

“We have made a great tasting convenient product that is as close to homemade as possible. Currently unique in the frozen category, our on trend burritos have struck a chord with buyers looking to expand their premium convenience snack/ready meal offering,” says Phillips.

Available in three delicious flavours, smokey chipotle chilli beef, chilli lime chicken and beans and cheese. For more information phone Jason Philips on 027 220 6775.

Email: info@cartelfood.com

Website: www.cartelfood.com

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