Pure Goodness, Purely Delicious

Pure Goodness, Purely Delicious

Introducing Venerdi Pure Foodie, Venerdi’s recent rebrand of their popular Organic Sourdough and Paleo loaves.

We’ve gone back in time to celebrate food the way it used to be, with ancient ingredients and processes that blend pure goodness with pure delicious flavour. Our Venerdi Pure Foodie range of speciality breads feature natural, wholefood ingredients. From activating seeds to slow sourdough ferments, everything we do is designed to bring out the best flavour and goodness for you to enjoy. This nourishing collection is crafted without gluten, dairy or soy, so there’s something for everyone. The range features four flavour variants, Paleo Super Seeded, Paleo Almond & Linseed, Organic Boosted Brown and Organic Activated Six Seeds.

These Venerdi Pure Foodie breads have been in the market now for over 9 years, they are extremely loved by consumers and have truly stood the test of time. We have taken on a lot of consumer feedback on board to be where we are today with Venerdi Pure Foodie. We’ve kept the same recipes and products that our customers have known and loved for many years but given them a fresh look to better tell our Venerdi story and align with our Venerdi Gluten Freedom range.


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