Pringles partners with Movember for men’s mental health

Pringles partners with Movember for men’s mental health

Pringles has joined Movember with a pledge of a minimum contribution of $125,000 to promote better mental health in Australian men.

It is Pringles’ inaugural year as an official Movember partner in Australia and New Zealand, and to kick off the moustache season, Matt Zukowski, TV personality and podcast host, attended a shave-down event at the Woolworths offices in Sydney.

“Mental health is an issue that touches millions of men, either directly or indirectly through their friends and loved ones. It’s time for us to check in with each other and initiate conversations that can pave the way for happier and healthier lives,” said Zukowski.

Dan Bitti, Head of Pringles and Salty Snacks ANZ, said Pringles thrives on bringing people together through the power of shared experiences.

“Unfortunately, mental ill-health is an issue faced by many men across the country and it’s one that is often left unaddressed, because people feel uncomfortable talking about it. By harnessing the power of the Mo’ this season, Pringles hopes to help spread awareness about this important issue, breaking down the stigma around mental health issues and inspiring men to open up about what’s on their minds.”

In a show of unity, 12 Kellanova employees across ANZ kicked off their Movember journey with a clean slate, getting clean-shaven on 31 October.


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