Pretzels and Chocolate Have Tied the Knot!

Pretzels and Chocolate Have Tied the Knot!

Graze has done it again with a delicious new Skinny Dipped snack… Graze Skinny Dipped Pretzels!

We think we’ve found a match made in sweet ‘n salty heaven, sussing out these moreish pretzel knots, thinly coated with delicious chocolate.  We’ve st­ripped some layers to go skinny on the chocolate, but not on the tast­e!

Available in 2 moreish flavours Salted Caramel Dusted Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. 

2023 is set to be an exciting year with this being the first ‘non-nut’ product for Graze.  Skinny Dipped Pretzels are the perfect treat to pop in the kid’s lunchboxes, enjoy at home with your favourite movie or to graze on at your desk.

New Graze Skinny Dipped Pretzels will knot be found in the nut aisle but rather on shelf next to Pretzels in New World and Pak’n Save stores. RRP $5.99. They’re knotty, but nice!

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