Pregnancy Help receives over 20,000 nappies from Pams

Pregnancy Help receives over 20,000 nappies from Pams

Pregnancy Help, a charitable trust that offers a range of services to women and families to improve and support the health and wellbeing of families within Aotearoa, is receiving over 20,000 Pams nappies to support their work with families.

The 20,000 nappies will be sent to the charities’ seven branches, with each receiving enough to cover up to a year’s supply as part of their practical assistance service providing essential baby items where they’re needed in the community.

Lisa Oldershaw, General Manager of Foodstuffs New Zealand’s Own Brands, says its rewarding to be able to help families across New Zealand. “Pregnancy Help has been doing invaluable work as over the past few years, fuelled by the pandemic and the rising cost of living, many young kiwi families are going through difficult times.

“It’s a privilege for Pams to be able to give this donation that will go towards relieving some stress that comes with the responsibility of raising children, by providing Pregnancy Help with nappies they can distribute to where the need is.”

Pregnancy Help is a free service that provides invaluable help to people in their communities and Pams is proud to be able to support the ongoing work in a way that will be directly felt through kiwi communities.

Pams is a part of the 100% New Zealand owned and operated Foodstuffs co-operatives. The co-operatives have made a commitment to be Here for NZ and have made promises to provide New Zealanders with access to healthy affordable food, support communities to thrive, create meaningful work for our people and be leaders in sustainability.

“Our contribution of nappies helps us deliver on our commitment to be Here for NZ and our promise to support communities to thrive. With Pregnancy Help’s established roots in many communities nationwide, working for and around growing young families, these nappies will reach the homes of the people who need them the most.”

Pregnancy Help National Executive Board Member Rachel Vicars says this donation is going to make a huge difference to the many families and communities they help.

“We are incredibly grateful to be able to provide these nappies to our clients, particularly as we are seeing increasing demand for our services. Raising awareness of the work of Pregnancy Help also means that families can access not only our services, but those of other support providers that we work alongside in our communities.”

Pregnancy Help delivers a range of services for the communities it operates in including practical assistance which the nappies will go towards but also operates a telephone phone line, referral services, counselling and birthing/parenting support programmes.

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