Pepsi rolls out exciting rebrand to invigorate the cola category

Pepsi rolls out exciting rebrand to invigorate the cola category

It’s been 15 years since Pepsi last revamped its logo.

“As a globally recognised brand enjoyed by millions daily, it’s crucial for us to stay current, drive culture, and never settle for the status quo,” says the team.

The revamped spirit and identity of Pepsi keep the brand thirsty for more — for connecting with consumers, for stronger partnerships, and for accelerated growth across the PepsiCo Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) portfolio in New Zealand.

“In our redesign effort, we included feedback from people who were asked to draw the Pepsi logo from memory. Many sketches prominently featured the Pepsi name within the globe, highlighting the strong brand equity built over the last century. Pepsi’s new brand identity borrows from its storied past while integrating modern elements to craft a look that is unapologetically current and undeniably Pepsi.”

“The updated colour palette introduces electric blue and black, adding a contemporary edge to the classic Pepsi colour scheme. The signature Pepsi pulse now evokes the ‘ripple, pop, and fizz’ of Pepsi-Cola, moving in time to music beats, crowd roars, and cultural heartbeats. The visual assets are also customisable to include colours from our partners or customers, embracing our collaborative approach fully.”

The new identity debuted in the United States and has now launched with impact in over 120 countries, including New Zealand. The Kiwi rollout from May 2024 will be supported by a fully integrated $6.3 million ratecard investment in communications, including TV, digital video, out-of-home, experiential marketing, and large-scale in-store activations to enhance overall brand equity.

With this bold step, Pepsi reaffirms its commitment to innovate and drive excitement within the cola category.

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