People power brings ice creams back

People power brings ice creams back

rsz_people_power_proves_tip_topTip Top has brought back two of Kiwis’ favourite ice creams, following huge demand from fans on social media. Fruju Tropical Snow and Mint Trumpet have been the focus of a concerted Facebook campaign over the past 12 months, with one dedicated fan page even reaching more than 19,000 devotees.

It’s not the first time Tip Top has listened to its fans. Last year the company relaunched Strawberry Toppa after a nationwide vote for New Zealand’s favourite ice cream. The limited return over summer this year was hugely welcomed, with sales exceeding all predictions. However, fans of second and third placed Fruju Tropical Snow and Mint Trumpet would not take defeat lightly, and a fervent campaign ensued on Tip Top’s Facebook and other fan pages.

Tip Top’s Group Marketing Manager says: “Tip Top gets a constant stream of requests from fans asking for their early favourites to be brought back, and it’s clear from the engagement on social media that our customers take their treats very seriously indeed. When Strawberry Toppa was chosen there was real disappointment from supporters of the other two and continuing demand for us to bring back Mint Trumpet and Fruju Tropical Snow. We looked at what we needed to do to get both ice creams back in the chillers, and decided to bring them back. We’ve also rewarded our most loyal Fruju supporters with a lucky 150 receiving early samples, before the ice cream treats appeared in stores. To say the response has been phenomenal is an understatement!”

Fans of Fruju Tropical Snow exist far and wide. Here in NZ, the conversation has been nationwide with fans in Wellington and Auckland commenting, “I have been missing the Fruju Tropical Snow since the day they stopped being sold. To me they are the perfect ice cream for a hot summer’s day. I was more disappointed about the Tropical Snow not winning than I would have been if National hadn’t won the election!” and “These were my childhood! I loved nothing more than coming back from the beach in my sandy bare feet and going to the dairy to buy a Fruju Tropical Snow! I used to eat it from orange to yellow and try my best to save as much of the white till the end because it was my favourite flavour!”

Mint Trumpet was introduced to the Trumpet range in the 1980s, withdrawn in 2006 and most recently brought back for six months to celebrate Tip Top’s 75th anniversary in 2010. The Fruju Tropical Snow is the ‘johnny-come-lately’ of the trio, appearing in the freezer as late as 2009.

Mint Trumpet and Fruju Tropical Snow will be available again for a limited period in dairies and supermarkets nationwide. Both products are made using only natural colours and flavours.

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