Pams Pantry threw open their doors on Wed 10 July to some very happy Amberley locals, rapt with the range and the fantastic service from the team of seven.

Tim Donaldson, GM Retail Foodstuffs South Island, was blown away by the enthusiastic reaction the store’s opening received.

“A couple of comments really brought home how we’ve nailed the proposition. Firstly, we’ve curated the range very carefully, ensuring we’re stocking essentials and super fresh every day produce and meat. The first customers through the door said they loved that approach – it made their shop very simple, fuss-free and convenient. So, it’s easy to find what you want and get out the door.

“But they also talked about the outstanding service they received from the team – who are freed up from operating a till, to help customers with product queries and ideas for their breakfast, lunch or evening meal.”

The store is unique in the way it has a range of only around 2,500 products and is 100% self-checkout. Donaldson says, “It’s easy to make a choice and it’s easy and convenient to get your shopping done and get back to your business or off home. We’re always on the lookout for how we can help locals, and we know from our research that ease and convenience are right up there next to value, which you get from our fantastic Pams and Value range.”

While the iconic Pams brand is at the heart of the store, there are other products for customers to enjoy like Whittaker’s, Corona and Meadowfresh Kalo yoghurt. “While Pams and Value boast around 3,000 quality products, we like to give customers choice and we’ll continue to do that,” says Donaldson.

The last word goes to Robin Brown, who’s operating the store, “We honestly had people asking us every day when the store was going to open, so we’re delighted we’re finally underway and able to help Amberley residents and visitors to the area, save time, hassle and money with their shopping at Pams Pantry.”


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