PAK’nSAVE Blenheim supports local performing arts

PAK’nSAVE Blenheim supports local performing arts

PAK’nSAVE Blenheim owner-operators Andrea Boock and Mark Elkington

Marlborough’s new theatre has received a major funding boost, with the signing of a “significant” sponsorship deal with PAK’nSAVE Blenheim. The deal means PAK’nSAVE Blenheim will fund the catering facilities at ASB Theatre Marlborough for the next ten years, out until the year 2026.

Securing the sponsorship has allowed the theatre’s developers to start fitting out its kitchen with appliances and equipment necessary to allow the theatre to provide professional catering at future events, thereby increasing its attractiveness as a venue, and ability to self-fund its operations.

PAK’nSAVE Blenheim owner-operators Mark Elkington and Andrea Boock  say they are “huge” supporters of the local performing arts scene, and “very excited” to come on board as major sponsors of the new theatre.

“Theatres have long been focal points for local communities,” says Elkington. “Places where people can gather, talk and relax, and be entertained and inspired by performers from home and abroad.”

“Mark and I have been thrilled to watch our four children perform in numerous productions and school events in the old theatre,” says Boock, “and we are looking forward to them performing even more in the new one. Our respect for the people and volunteers who have put these productions together is immense, and the local talent we have seen on stage has blown us away.”

“If our sponsorship of the new theatre can help nurture more of that talent, then we’ll be very proud.”

Elkington says supporting the new theatre’s catering facilities seemed like a natural fit for their business.

“We already help thousands of locals stock their pantries and fridges affordably by bringing them New Zealand’s lowest food prices,” he says. “Now, by helping the theatre create and run its own kitchen, we are helping give them the ability to create more revenue sooner, hopefully this may alleviate some burden off our customers and other ratepayers as well.”

Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman says it is heartening to hear of yet another big boost for the theatre. “I have advocated for this theatre because I can see what it will do for Marlborough, as a regional asset and as a cultural asset.”

Elkington and Boock do not wish to disclose the amount pledged, only that it is “significant amount.”

“This fantastic new theatre is here to stay,” she says, “and the shows and events they’ve already been able to attract show what an amazing asset to the Marlborough community it is, and will continue to be.”

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