<strong>NZ’s best vegan pies revealed</strong>

NZ’s best vegan pies revealed

The judges of the Vegan Society Aotearoa’s Vegan Pie Awards really had their work cut out for them this year, as there were over 100 different pies entered across eight different categories. The Awards were held at The Butcher’s Son, in Herne Bay. A Gala Dinner evening followed with an array of bakers, VIPs and winners turning up to enjoy a delicious meal in celebration of this year’s event.

This year’s Supreme Winner, Tart Bakery with their Vegan Chicken Pie, received $1000 in prize money.

Richoux Patisserie had been a consistent winner across most categories they entered since the inaugural Awards, thus last year Jason Hay became a judge for the awards. Hay was given a Lifetime Contributor’s Award at last year’s ceremony, after proving to be an excellent judge of pies. His expertise in understanding what makes a good vegan pie helped the judges come to their decisions.

The panel of expert judges this year were industry and veteran Award judges Aaron Pucci and Jasbir Kaur, Brad Jacobs of the Coffee Club and of course, the formidable Jason Hay of Richoux Patisserie. Special guest judge this year was Tom Sainsbury, vegan comedian, who also MC’ed the Gala Dinner, attended by vegan VIPs.

The NZ Vegan Pie Awards Results for 2022 are:

Vegan Steak and Vegan Cheese

Winner: Wild Grain Bakery

Runner-Up: Fat Kitty Cafe

Judges said; “The best flavour of steak and sauce”

Vegan Mince and Vegan Cheese

Winner: Wild Grain Bakery

Runner-Up: Tart Bakery

Judges said; “Meaty moist filling with a deep rich colour and creative presentation”

Vegan Chicken

Winner: Tart Bakery with their Vegan Chicken Pie

Runner-Up: Lemonwood Eatery with their Chicken and Mushroom

Judges said; “Amazing buttery pastry, pleasing aroma, rich and creamy filling”


Winner: Taste Café with their Amok Vegan

Runner-Up: Wild Grain Bakery

Judges said; “Very buttery pastry, with a unique flavour, creamy texture and a nice colour of filling””

Café boutique – any sort of pastry, shape, open or closed

Winner: Logan McLean with their Korean BBQ Beef

Runner-Up: Lemonwood Eatery with their Mushroom Vegetable

Judges said; “Moreish with an unbelievable texture, had us scrabbling for the last pieces!”

Gluten Free

Winner: Rainbow Kitchen with their Pumpkin Satay

Runner-Up: Pioneer with their Mince, Potato and Cauliflower

Judges said “Beautiful innovative presentation, a generous and attractive filling with a rich satay flavour”


Winner: Wild Grain Bakery with their Spiced Apple and Berry

Runner-Up: Piccolo Morso with their Mango Mint and Rhubarb

Judges said; “Amazing presentation, well balanced flavour and texture and a great choice of fruit”


Winner: Kai Pai with their Roast Veg and Cashew

Runner-Up: Baker’s Son with their Mince and Cheese

Judges said; “Pastry held together well, with a generous creamy, well balanced filling”

Supreme Award

Winner: Tart Bakery with their Vegan Chicken Pie

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