NZ oil producer innovates

NZ oil producer innovates

rsz_nz_oil-avocado-sideNew Zealand supermarkets are now selling Olivado oil with a NZ-first pourer fitted in every bottle of the 250ml range of natural oils, offering customers better value for money.

The New Zealand company, which sells its hero cold pressed, extra virgin avocado oil overseas too, says their innovative plastic pourers are designed to provide a steady flow of oil when poured, ensuring less wastage from over-zealous pours or drips down the side of the bottle.

The tight fitting pourers are designed to keep dust, debris and air from entering the bottle when it’s not in use, and with less oxidation, the premium oil remains fresh for longer.

The innovative packaging is now available in the 250ml bottle range of Olivado’s extra virgin avocado, macadamia, peanut, sesame, almond and Omega Plus oils, from Countdown, New World and all good food stores.

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