Introducing our new TAKE TWO RANGE packaging made from NZ recycled plastic!

TC Transcontinental Packaging are excited to introduce our Take-Two range Courier Bags, manufactured using 80% recycled New Zealand post-industrial soft plastic Waste.  As a leading flexible packaging solutions provider in New Zealand, we are proud to offer a sustainable Courier Bag solution, utilising our post-industrial recycled plastic, as part of our commitment to recycle, reuse, and to reduce waste. This is the first range of its kind manufactured in New Zealand.

With over 30 years operating experience in New Zealand, TC Transcontinental New Zealand as a leading manufacturer & solutions provider of flexible packaging to the FMCG, primary foods, courier and ecommerce, and manufacturing sectors in both New Zealand and Australia, TC is both a reputable manufacturer and trader, supplying all forms of flexible packaging including paper, traditional plastic films and alternate sustainable resin based films.  TC NZ employs over 80 people in New Zealand with centres in Auckland and Christchurch, home to an ultra-modern food grade packaging manufacturing plant.

TC Transcontinental Packaging brings a distinctive blend of science, technology, and art together to create flexible packaging that preserves our customers’ products and accentuates their brands on the store shelf. Our expertise, resources and conversion technology helps us create packaging that gives our customers a competitive advantage. We utilise a wide variety of printing techniques, laminations and converting styles that help enhance your brand.

These Courier Bags will come in five stock sizes to match your product requirements:

  • A5                        190mm W x 280mm L
  • A4                        240mm W x 325mm L
  • FOOLSCAP          280mm W x 400mm L
  • LINEFLOW           410mm W x 455mm L
  • XX-LARGE            605mm W x 625mm L

Using soft plastic waste to recreate tomorrows packaging.

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