New supermarket loyalty scheme launches in North Island

New supermarket loyalty scheme launches in North Island

rsz_2-clubcard-2016New World shoppers nationwide will now be able to enjoy the full benefits of the successful New World Clubcard loyalty programme. The North Island launch is expected to have phenomenal customer uptake, with it generous in-store savings and rewards that are tailored to the individual shopper.

Customer feedback on existing loyalty programmes in market has previously indicated that shoppers don’t always feel loyalty programmes are very rewarding – points either take too long to accrue, expire or the bar is simply set too high to achieve satisfying rewards. So New World has listened to what its customers want and has developed the Clubcard loyalty scheme. The programme is specifically designed to reward shoppers in ways that are meaningful to them.

Foodstuffs North Island CEO Chris Quin says he’s confident customers will be eager to sign up to New World Clubcard, and given the programme’s clear benefits anticipates its success. “Clubcard is quite simply a more rewarding way to shop,” he says. “Customers can collect the type of rewards they want – Fly Buys or Airpoints – and they can convert points to New World dollars. No other rewards programme offers this kind of flexibility.”

“Add to that the ability to get in-store discounts, enter great competitions and earn points, I think shoppers will quickly realise that having a Clubcard in their wallet is a winning proposition.”

Multiple currencies and Club Deals

New World Clubcard members are not only eligible for competitions and in-store discounts, called ‘Club Deals’, but can also collect whichever reward suit them best – Fly Buys or Air New Zealand AirpointsTM. New World Clubcard is the only supermarket loyalty programme in New Zealand to offer multiple currencies for its members, and it doesn’t end with Fly Buys and Airpoints.

Up to four times a year New World Clubcard members also get the opportunity to convert their Fly Buys points into New World dollars, regardless of which of the 50 plus Fly Buys partners they were earned from. This essentially means customers can convert their Fly Buys into cash on their New World Clubcard which can be spent in-store. Customers can utilise this incentive for up to $2000 worth of groceries every year.

Two years ago, New World Clubcard launched in the South Island and today there are around 450,000 active members benefiting from the loyalty programme in the South. That means almost every household in the South Island has a New World Clubcard member.

Over the coming weeks, one million New World Clubcards are being sent to existing Fly Buys and Airpoints card holders in the North Island, who have recently scanned their card in a New World store. All they have to do to start using it is to activate it when they next visit their local New World.

As part of the Clubcard launch, 5000 valued New World customers will receive an exclusive Clubcard Goodie Pack filled with a selection of new to market grocery products to sample and enjoy. Plans to develop the Clubcard Goodie Pack programme are underway and the initiative will offer customers access to product samples, prizes and invites to exclusive in-store events.

Customers who aren’t currently active members of Fly Buys and Airpoints or haven’t received their New World Clubcard in the mail can visit and request a Clubcard, or simply sign up at their local New World.

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