New recipe ‘Primal Breakfast Mix’ rolls out

New recipe ‘Primal Breakfast Mix’ rolls out

rsz_3-pure_delish_primal_breakfast_mix1A new Primal Breakfast Mix by pure delish will begin rolling out to stores nationwide in the second week in May.

Spokesperson Amanda Macdonald explains: “pure delish is all about product innovation and giving customers what they want. This has played a huge part in the growth of pure delish and enables us to stay ahead of the game and competition. Taking risks around food trends and flavour combinations and being the first to market with new ideas has been the way we have forged ahead of our competition in the super premium product category in New Zealand.

“We are not afraid to change things up and have recently tweaked the recipe on one of our biggest selling cereals. Primal Breakfast Mix has been hugely popular, particularly with those customers after a paleo or vegan cereal with no added grains, sugars, flavours or preservatives. When we discovered that the cherries we use in this product were about to have sugar added to better preserve them, we knew we had to search around for a different fruit that would work with the key benefits promoted in this product. We were familiar with Viberi having seen them on the Foodshow circuit so they were among one of the first companies we approached to find out more about their organic blackcurrants. It did not take long for us to become convinced that their organic freeze-dried New Zealand grown blackcurrants would be the perfect addition to our new recipe Primal Breakfast Mix. While tweaking this recipe we also looked at all the other ingredients and decided to remove the dates to lower the natural sugar levels and give customers a less sweet option that the market demands today.”

She adds: “All pure delish products are completely handmade at our own bakery in Auckland with the bare minimum of processing and using only the best quality ingredients, we believe this is what truly sets us apart from other offerings on the market. We have a great reputation in the marketplace for innovative and quality products and have a loyal fan base that knows any new product we bring to market is going to be picked-up, tried and ultimately loved by our fans.”

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