In response to demand for products that are ‘better for me and better for the planet, a new Reach Natural Antibacterial Protection Toothpaste uses magnolia bark extract to safely kill the oral bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities, plaque and tartar. With fewer of the odour-producing bacteria that are found along the gumline, gum health is also improved.

In line with recommendations by the NZ Dental Association, Reach recognises the importance of including fluoride to substantially strengthen tooth enamel and lower the risk of cavities. Additionally, there’s peace of mind knowing the products are free from Triclosan, parabens and preservatives.

PAVÉ Ltd Marketing Director Mat Hamlin says, “the new Reach Toothpastes offer the best of both worlds: the power of nature, combined with fluoride that has been recognised as essential for dental care throughout the world”.

Consumers are calling for the removal of unnecessary packaging, yet over 18 million toothpastes boxes are thrown away each year in New Zealand. The new Reach toothpastes have ditched the box and instead have a foil seal under the cap to prevent tampering and are merchandised smartly in shelf-ready trays.

Reach Natural Antibacterial Protection Toothpaste comes in two delicious flavours: Fresh Mint and Mild Mint. For more information, please contact your PAVÉ sales representative, call 09 302 1190 or visit

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