<strong>New Premium Cold Brew Coffee from Havana</strong>

New Premium Cold Brew Coffee from Havana

Havana Coffee Works have been leading the coffee revolution in New Zealand since 1989.

Back then, there were just four coffee companies roasting in New Zealand. The industry has since grown substantially, but from the beginning, Havana has stayed true to their vibe and vision – roasting the COFFEEUFEEL, having fun, being connected to the community and celebrating the origins of coffee.

And late in 2022, Havana Coffee expanded their range into the high growth and profitable Ready to Drink coffee space.

Now your customers ‘can’ enjoy the COFFEEUFEEL, even when on the move. The beans are still Hot air roasted, but the coffee is cold brewed and the flavours are superb. We think it’s the coolest Havana coffee ever!

There are two flavours of premium cold brew coffee to try. They were chosen to reflect two of their most popular blends of coffee – 5 Star and Super Deluxe. 

 5 Star Oat milk Flat white – the only way to describe this coffee blend is “chocolate brownie” A huge depth of flavour with a creamy malt undertone and full-bodied chocolatey finish makes this coffee extremely more-ish. An unparalleled crowd pleaser of the highest quality. 

Super Deluxe Long black – An elegant and very palatable blend of coffees with velvety undertones of caramel. Notes of nougat It’s a coffee treasure you will love to share.

Coffee and water no additives, just the good stuff.

Best enjoyed chilled.

Get your order in by contacting your local Havana Sales team, on enquiries@havana.co.nz or 04 384 7041

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