New owners for Thompson’s® Herbals and Thursday Plantation®

New owners for Thompson’s® Herbals and Thursday Plantation®

Homart Group (Homart), a Sydney-based global market leader in health supplement, skincare, and functional dairy products, has successfully acquired Thompson’s® Herbals, an iconic New Zealand Vitamin, Mineral, Herbal and Supplement (“VMHS”) brand with 74 years of history. The company is also in the final stage of completing the acquisition of Thursday Plantation®, an Australian natural essential oils brand.

Leveraging its significant expertise in product innovation and international market know-how, Homart aims to further propel the growth of Thompson’s® Herbals and Thursday Plantation®. The addition of these two brands will significantly enhance Homart’s operation scale in the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) markets, building on 32 years of predominantly export-driven expansion for Homart. Homart’s proforma revenue with the contribution of Thompson’s® Herbals and Thursday Plantation® is expected to exceed $100 million in the 2024 financial year.

Homart Group Managing Director Jeffrey Yeh said: “This significant development aligns with our strategic vision to expand our domestic brand presence by acquiring a company with deep roots in Australia and New Zealand through their well-known brands, which are recognised for their quality and heritage.”

“Both Thompson’s® Herbals and Thursday Plantation® bring rich histories to the Homart portfolio and will enhance Homart’s offerings and reinforce its commitment to quality and innovation in the health and wellness sector,” Yeh said.

By incorporating Thompson’s® Herbals and Thursday Plantation® into its portfolio, Homart aims to expand its market share, introduce new products, and enhance its competitive edge in both the local and international markets.

As an Australian company with over 21 awards for quality and commercial achievements, Homart has built a strong portfolio of global brands and distribution channels in its 32 years of history. Homart is a vertically integrated business encompassing in-house R&D, manufacturing, distribution and marketing.  The addition of these brands will enhance Homart’s product offerings, allowing them to cater to a broader range of health and wellness needs.

Thompson’s® Herbals and Thursday Plantation® were previously owned by Integria, a leading Australian consumer healthcare company.

Integria CEO Wayne Mcintosh said Homart’s commitment to excellence and passion in everything it does means we have every confidence in a blossoming future for both Thompson’s® Herbals and Thursday Plantation®.

“We’re very excited for Homart to be leading the next stage of growth for these two wonderful, iconic brands.”

Integria Head of Retail, Nick Lynch, said This is an exciting new era for the Thompson’s® Herbals and Thursday Plantation® brands. Both brands are positioned at an important strategic junction, and are poised to deliver strong growth both organically and via product innovation through Homart’s significant R&D capabilities.

“The expanded investment that will be delivered through Homart’s ownership will continue to strengthen the equity of these iconic ANZ brands.”

Homart’s founder and CEO, Lynn Yeh, said: “Over the past decades, we have had a lot of interest from overseas buyers seeking to acquire Homart. While many of our industry peers have chosen to sell to international parties, we have always believed that Australian-made and Australian-owned was the right pathway for us, which forms a big part of the entrepreneurial story of Homart. Arriving at this milestone today, we are excited about the many opportunities this acquisition will bring as we move one step closer to our vision of becoming a complete health and wellness ecosystem of brands, innovation and manufacturing servicing the growing number of health-conscious consumers both domestically and internationally.” 

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