New online loyalty card delivers the goods

New online loyalty card delivers the goods

Goody cardNext time you’re about to claim a free sandwich or coffee on your dog-eared loyalty stamp card, imagine this; what if you could instead opt for doing 10 hot-laps in a BMW? Or a coffee-making lesson from a skilled barista? Or a pizza dough-making session with an Italian chef?

These are just a few of the quirky rewards on offer from retailers around the country who have joined Goody, a universal digital loyalty card system which is now available at over 320 small business retailers nationally, with several large franchises set to come on board for 2015.

Customers can sign up for the service on the spot in-store, and are given the choice of a small plastic Goody scan card, which they can keep on their keychain, or a free Goody smart phone app, which also scans at the point of purchase.

They can then use the card or app to earn points and claim rewards at all participating retailers around New Zealand. The app also enables users to see which nearby retailers use Goody, wherever they are in the country.

While the points are unique to each business and not transferable across retailers, the service frees up members to ditch the dozens of traditional cardboard stamp loyalty cards cluttering their wallets, by storing all their points in the Goody online system.

Goody was started in 2014 by entrepreneur Gorran Marusich, and is backed by key investor Shane Bradley, founder of GrabOne. They developed the idea for the business after meeting on the school run with their children.

“This isn’t your average “buy-nine-get-one-free” rewards system,” says Gorran. “Goody replaces traditional loyalty programs and provides businesses with a chance to exchange information and to promote their culture and personality. By customizing rewards for their business, merchants create more personal relationships with their customers.”

“The feedback we’re getting from members is that they love having all their points and rewards kept electronically, and that they can finally ditch the dozens of stamp cards overloading their wallets!”

Chin Loh, director of Antidote Pharmacies in Dunedin, says Goody has proven popular with his customers.

“Goody is a great reward program for our customers at our group of pharmacies. Our customers find it easy to enrol and they love the rewards!”

Goody cardholder Lee Harrow says the service has streamlined the time he spends at retailers.

“I got a Goody card because I was sick of how many loyalty cards I had in my wallet and having to pull them all out to find the right one each time I was in a shop. It’s brilliant having everything loaded to an app on my phone and each time I scan it, all my points and reward options come up on screen, it’s such an easy system and the rewards are really great.”

Businesses using Goody include Caltex, McCafe, Movenpick, Stirling Sports, Car-fe, Best Ugly Bagels, LJS and many others. For more information visit

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