Dole reinvigorates Snacking with Crunches launch

Dole reinvigorates Snacking with Crunches launch


Dole has entered the Packaged Nuts category with the launch of Dole Crunches. The range targets adult/family snacking with a re-sealable 120g bag and three flavours: Cashew-Sesame, Almond and Cranberry-Blueberry. Made with premium dry-roasted nuts and pressed into fun, cube-shaped snacks, the products aim to combine flavours in a way that sets them apart from loose nuts.

The Nuts and Nibble Mixes category has seen strong premiumisation in recent years, with consumers embracing higher priced, higher quality products – the average price per pack is now $4.70. That shift is still apparent when the value growth rates of specific nut types are examined: in decline are Total Roasted Peanuts -4.8%, Total Regular Peanuts -4.0%, whereas Total Cashews +7.7%, Total Almonds +8.7% and Total Pistachios +8.9% are on the rise. This change in purchase behaviour has pushed category Dollar Sales to $75 million, however overall growth has eased back from the double-digit growth of recent years to a still-healthy 6%*

Dole plans to reinvigorate this growth by building on the demand for premium nuts and offering flavour innovation in the form of Crunches. For example, the Cranberry-Blueberry includes pistachios, almonds, cashew nuts, sesame seeds and the dried berries that give them their name.

The Dole Crunches marketing launch commences this month, with a $250,000 campaign featuring full page magazine ads, national Adshels, promoted posts on Facebook, PR across TV, print and online and extensive sampling.

*Source: Aztec Total Nuts & Nibble Mixes Dollar Sales, Total Supermarkets MAT to 29/6/14

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