Dole Peach Slices in Syrup 410g med resDole has launched a new range of ‘Orchard Grown’ deciduous Canned Fruit to complement its existing tropical fruit. The new 410g lines are Fruit Salad in Juice, Peach Slices in Juice, Peach Slices in Syrup and Pear Halves in Juice.

Dole Pear Quarters in Juice 410g med res-horz

Already t   he #2 brand in Canned Fruit*, Dole sees a strong need in the category for another complete branded offer, due to the exit of SPC. The new products will be promoted as a group with the Dole Pineapple and Dole Fruit Mix 432-439g range, creating a very appealing consumer offer.

* Nielsen Data Total Supermarkets Dollar Sales MAT to 19/4/15

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