Nestlé great example of FGC members promoting wellness

Nestlé great example of FGC members promoting wellness

2-FGC-Nestle Pumpkin-and-Broccoli-RisottoAt a time when obesity is a serious issue for New Zealand, members of the NZ Food & Grocery Council continue to play their part in the solution, says NZ Food & Grocery Council Chief Executive Katherine Rich.

“The recent launch of the Choose Wellness programme by Nestlé is the most high-profile recent initiative to be launched in New Zealand.

“It’s a comprehensive information resource and series of events that takes a whole-of-life approach to the good health of New Zealanders while encouraging them to think about their health and what they can do to lead better, healthier, and more active lives.

“More than 50,000 people have participated in the initiative’s online happiness and wellness quiz.  The interactive quiz is designed to tell interested Kiwis more about themselves and their lifestyles. Depending on answers to the quiz, individuals can receive tailored personal advice that many so far have found encouraging.

“The Choose Wellness website is a massive resource, with everything from men’s nutrition, breastfeeding information, toddlers and children’s nutrition to dietary needs for older people.

“It has information about healthy eating and lots of helpful tips from how to get your children to eat more vegetables to what are appropriate portion sizes of foods and treats. Sections include ‘Eating Well’, ‘Your Wellbeing’, ‘Getting Active’, and ‘Staying Healthy’.

“This is the most extensive programme I’ve seen in a long time, and FGC commends Nestlé for taking such a leadership role.

2-FGC-Nestle CHOOSEWELLNESS-logo-big-nest“What is so impressive about the programme is that it’s not a discussion just about eating – Choose Wellness takes an holistic approach to a New Zealander’s entire life, which is why the programme and site includes discussions about social relationships, happiness and mindfulness.

“While some public health activists argue that food bans and taxes are the only solution that will work to reduce obesity, this is another excellent example of FGC member companies engaging people in a positive way to encourage them to lead healthier lives.

“FGC member companies are involved in some great initiatives in schools and communities that are aimed at promoting healthy eating and living. These range from sponsoring a wide variety of exercise and healthy-choice education programmes, to supplying healthy breakfasts and lunches to many schools.”

You can check out the Choose Wellness website and the quiz here .

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