MetroMart’s new supply agreement with Woolworths NZ

MetroMart’s new supply agreement with Woolworths NZ

MetroMart Convenience Stores has announced a brand new supply agreement with Woolworths New Zealand, meaning New Zealand Grocery Wholesalers will now supply groceries to MetroMart’s network of stores.

The timing couldn’t be better with MetroMart growing from where it was first founded in central Christchurch into suburban areas of the central South Island and more recently into the lower North Island.

James Godinet MetroMart founder says “with a more solid core grocery supply agreement with New Zealand Grocery Wholesalers and Woolworths New Zealand, MetroMart aims to reduce the everyday pricing on some of our core grocery products in store. We hope to help our customers faced with the ongoing challenges of inflation, rising food costs and higher interest rates.”

“With this news, we’re looking to flow better pricing to our customers whilst maintaining our core focus on being a great premium convenience offer with top quality products. The team at Woolworths have been great and have dedicated some great focus on this MetroMart partnership which will benefit everyone.”

MetroMart remains visionary in the future of solid convenience growth through constant adaptation and not being afraid to challenge traditional retail habits. It also remains focussed on being the best convenience brand in New Zealand over the long term and delivering that premium customer convenience experience, combined with top customer service .

Your “On the Go Convenience Store” looks to embrace that consumer top up occasion. Not only is it focused on customers picking up an award-winning pie or sausage roll and a thickshake or Tip Top scoop ice cream or box of hot wedges, MetroMart is now also the spot to pick up staples including milk, bread and spreads at a fantastic price EVERYDAY along with local free range eggs at a competitive price.

Steve Sexton, General Manager of New Zealand Grocery Wholesalers says that the business unit is proud of the new MetroMart partnership as the team works to keep growing wholesale capacity.

WWNZ New Zealand Grocery Wholesalers business operates separately from Countdown, SuperValue and FreshChoice, with a completely different buying team having discussions with suppliers around products, supply and potential wholesale volumes.

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