Lyttelton groceries are back in business

Lyttelton groceries are back in business

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The lucky winners of a Grocery Grab at the new SuperValue in Lyttelton.

Lyttelton SuperValue in the South Island has opened its doors after extensive damage from the 2011 earthquakes closed the existing supermarket. The brand new store is situated in London Street in the heart of Lyttelton and has been highly anticipated by the port town community. The area has been without a local supermarket and a number of other businesses since the earthquakes.

Owner-operators Robin and Cheryl De Thier are thrilled to bring a brand new SuperValue back to Lyttelton. The couple currently reside in Christchurch and are looking forward to moving into the community within the next 12 months. Robin De Thier says the family is passionate about employing and investing in Lyttelton and are proud to have 15 local faces join their team.

“The community are excited to have a full service, local supermarket on their doorstep once again and we are looking forward to showing our Lyttelton customers the brand new offer,” he says.

The store took just over six months to complete and includes a modern design with integrated refrigeration cabinets, fresh meat and produce prepared on site, as well as a great range of groceries. Wine and beer will also be available at the store, which will be open every day from 7am to 9pm.

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