Loscam’s Pink Pallet Campaign

Loscam’s Pink Pallet Campaign

Loscam is partnering with the Breast Cancer Foundations in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) to launch the #Loscampinkpallet Campaign for the second year in a row. Loscam ANZ was thrilled with the support the programme gained last year and see the #Loscampinkpallet Campaign being an annual initiative.

Pink pallets will start circulating across Loscam’s pooling network in the Australia & New Zealand on Monday October 2. As with last year, customers will be asked to take a picture of the pink pallet, with members of their team and product and send that image to pinkpallet@loscam.com. For each image received, the Group will donate AUS or NZD 100 for the first registration of each Pink Pallet and $10 for each subsequent registration, to the Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia or New Zealand.

In support of this year’s campaign, Loscam has designed a mini pink pallet and pen, with all profits received to be donated to the Foundations.

Daniel Bunnett, Loscam Executive Vice President of Australia and New Zealand, shares his view about this collaborative CSR initiative, “I have been delighted with the incredible success of the Pink Pallet Campaign and how the initiative resonated with our customers and staff far and wide. With the addition of miniature pallets and pens, we look forward to raising a record amount for this fantastic cause.”

Australia’s National Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand are not-for-profit charitable trusts to raise fund for research on preventive measures and cure for breast cancer. The Foundations have continued to fund projects that investigate new avenues for treatment, and new applications for existing treatments to improve outcomes for breast cancer patients.

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