After ten years of R&D with the help of Callaghan Innovation & Lincoln University, plus a decade of experience in the animal nutrition sector, New Zealand’s own BioBrew Ltd launched its LiveBrew probiotic into the human health sector.

The FAO/WHO definition of a probiotic—“live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host”. 

It is important to understand the key elements of this definition before investing in a probiotic product. Many so-called probiotic products in NZ do not meet this international standard.

  1. The microbes must be “live”.
  2. There must be a sufficient number of the microbes to achieve a desired effect.
  3. The microbes must be species/strains that are capable of conferring a benefit.

LiveBrew is a unique combination of fresh, live, and active probiotic lactobacilli and the beneficial metabolites (organic acids) produced by those microbes. LiveBrew contains strains of microbes that are very well researched and documented to have a wide range of probiotic characteristics.

LiveBrew does not require refrigeration or any other special handling prior to opening.

LiveBrew is the only fresh probiotic with guaranteed viability throughout the entire shelf-life period. Most other products only provide consumers with the number of microbes present at the time of manufacture. LiveBrew guarantees its users that they will get the live & active microbes that they paid for.

LiveBrew moves probiotics out of the freeze-dried era and into a fresh & alive new day!

LiveBrew is manufactured under a very strict quality-control system at the Callaghan Innovation-funded Foodbowl facility in Auckland. This MPI-approved export-quality facility is NZ’s finest F&B development and commercialisation facility.

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