Krispy Kreme ANZ announces former crew member as CEO

Krispy Kreme ANZ announces former crew member as CEO

Krispy Kreme ANZ has announced that Chief Operating Officer Nicola Steele is moving to the role of Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Steele has been with Krispy Kreme ANZ since 2006, when she joined as a crew member before rising the ranks from managerial roles to senior leadership roles, including National Operations Manager and Head of Retail and Development, before being promoted to Chief Operations Officer in March 2022.

Steele said that she believes true leadership is anchored in duty, not power.

“I think it is incredibly important for leaders in any business to keep at the forefront of their minds the duty they have to those that they are leading. Voicing a vision or commitment is great, but ultimately, it’s what you do that people will remember.

“I am forever grateful for the wonderful leaders that I have had throughout my career, without them I absolutely would not be the person I am today.”

Steele’s understanding and unique perspective on the business have become the driving force behind her passion for leading a people-focused enterprise.

“There’s a lack of recognition for retail and manufacturing to be a career pathway rather than a temporary steppingstone. This limits the age diversity in the QSR industry, which I feel strongly about the need to overcome.”

The focus for Steele as CEO is to broaden the horizons of career pathways for Krispy Kreme employees.

“I want to be able to offer all team members the development and career opportunities that were afforded to me. Hopefully, our next CEO is working as a crew member among us today.”


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