Kiwi Red Quinoa – A new flavour for summer

Kiwi Red Quinoa – A new flavour for summer

After introducing New Zealand foodies to the taste of fresh locally grown white quinoa, Kiwi Quinoa is turning the flavour up again with the introduction of a red grain.

Jacqui Cottrell is a convert to the red wholegrain, saying its colour ensures it looks vibrant in every dish and its texture is a winner too. “Red quinoa has an amazing subtle crunch and gives a little pop when you bite it – it’s become my go-to favourite”. For Jacqui and Dan and their young family that means using Kiwi Quinoa Red Wholegrain Quinoa as the base for curries or simply as a side dish cooked and served with dill, butter and salt.

Quinoa has been consumed for thousands of years and recently it has exploded in popularity across the globe thanks to its gluten-free status and its rich nutritional profile. Quinoa is a nourishing alternative to rice, pasta and other grains.

Falling in love with the flavour and versatility of quinoa during a trip through South America over a decade ago, was the driving force for farmer Dan and agronomist Jacqui to develop the industry in on their family farm. Jacqui says their recognition of the geographic similarities provided the genesis for growing quinoa in Rangitikei. 

Following their first commercial crop in 2016 they began selling in New Zealand with Kiwi Quinoa starting to build a market for the fresh, clean flavour of locally grown quinoa.

Both red and white quinoa grown by Kiwi Quinoa are considered ‘sweet’, not because they are sweet but because they don’t contain bitter saponins, which is a bonus for food lovers. Jacqui says locally grown quinoa tastes better than imported varieties; “it doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste that other quinoas often have. We’re big on taste and food being delicious.” 

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