Kiwi apple JAZZ™ picks up top prize

Kiwi apple JAZZ™ picks up top prize

JAZZ™ has once again been voted the ‘UK’s Tastiest Apple’ after T&G Global’s grower Baretilt Farm in Kent picked up the accolade at the UK’s National Fruit Show, a prestigious show that champions the UK’s best commercially-grown fruit.

Developed in New Zealand and first grown in the leafy orchards of the Hawkes Bay, JAZZ™ is a cross between Braeburn and Royal Gala. Today, it is grown in ten countries under a closely controlled quality growing programme, managed by trademark owner and one of New Zealand’s largest horticulture exporters, T&G Global (formerly Turners and Growers).

JAZZ™ has won the award four times in six years, and earlier this year the variety became the UK’s fifth-most popular apple with consumers spending £50.8m ($95 million NZD) in the past year, a 36.5% jump since 2016.

One bite into the apple reveals why JAZZ™ has become a global phenomenon loved the world over for its sweet and tangy flavour. The apples have grown in popularity as health-conscious consumers and the real food movement has grown and busy parents are seeking natural and nutritional food for themselves and their children. Sales in the UK are expected to soar over the coming years, with plans to plant an extra 250,000 trees in the UK by 2021.

T&G senior brand manager for JAZZ™ Brenda Galbraith says, “We are delighted to be recognised as the tastiest apple in the UK. It sets us up nicely for the start of the new season in the Northern Hemisphere, which begins in just a few days’ time.”

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