All that Jazz at 2016 NZ Fashion Week

All that Jazz at 2016 NZ Fashion Week

They’re both high energy, vibrant and modern. And this month JAZZTM Apple and New Zealand Fashion Week partnered in a refreshing new sponsorship that saw the taste sensation become the glamourous event’s official snack.

While fashion and glamour are normally associated with dazzling schedules, JAZZ is peeling away the classic images to reach out to fashionistas as one of nature’s on-the-go convenience foods.

JAZZ had a bold entry to NZFW with a spectacular “apple wall”, an impressive feature in the foyer of the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre. One hundred and seventy apples were installed along a three-metre white gallery wall showcasing the beauty of the Jazz variety and providing an Instagram-worthy photo opportunity for all.
rsz_nzfw_jazzappleJAZZ Apples were fuelling the models backstage, appeared in select goodie bags and quenched thirsts at the bar with two deliciously tempting JAZZ Apple cocktails: JAZZ Apple Orchard Fizz cocktail and the bitter sweet but equally tasty JAZZ Apple Just Plucked.

JAZZ Apple Marketing Manager Michelle Singh says the fit with Fashion Week is natural. “Each in its own way is sensational,” Singh says. “Fashion Week challenges our perceptions of what is current and drives us to discover new experiences in style and theatre and drama.

“Through our partnership with New Zealand Fashion Week, JAZZ Apple is able to connect with consumers and showcase the variety in an instantly gratifying, perfectly portable and fantastic way to invigorate your day.

“Just like a classic mojito, JAZZ has that always refreshing, full body flavour that leaves you energised. JAZZ is a relatively new variety that’s universally loved for its crisp, crunchy bite,” Singh says.

Did you know?

JAZZ Apples are grown in Hawkes Bay, Otago and Nelson. The JAZZTM variety is a hybrid of the popular Royal Gala and Braeburn varieties first commercially sold in April 2004. Renowned for being always refreshing, NZ Jazz are grown in Hawke’s Bay, Otago and Nelson. The Jazz season in NZ runs from late April through to October. Today, JAZZ is grown in New Zealand JAZZ is a product of T&G Global.

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