Introducing the Ultra Power Bank 10000mAH from WalknTalk

Introducing the Ultra Power Bank 10000mAH from WalknTalk

Perfect for staying connected on the go!

Charge your portable devices on-the-go with this high-performance battery backup solution featuring 20W PD (Power Delivery) – ideal for fast charging iPads and the latest smartphones. It charges Apple, Samsung and Android devices.

This ultra compact sized device will be your lifesaver. It’s much smaller than traditional power banks so it can fit in your pocket or bag easily. Ensure that you don’t find yourself without a charge when you need it most.

The Ultra Power Bank 10000mAH from WalknTalk is a lifeline on the go, guaranteeing connectivity even without conventional power sources.  It is the perfect accessory for travellers ensuring devices are always ready for use. Ultimately, a portable power bank is your ticket to uninterrupted device usage.

Thanks to next generation battery technology, this 10000mAh power bank provides up to an additional 7 hours of battery life to your iPad or up to 30 hours to your phone*

* Maximum additional usage in hours calculated by comparing capacity of this power bank with claimed video playback hours achieved by iPad Air (5th generation), iPhone 13 under normal conditions. Actual results will vary based on different factors.

The 2 key features of The ULTRA POWERBANK 10000MAH are:

  1. Ultra Compact – 20% lighter. Fits in your hand.
  2. Ultra Powerful – 20W USB-C Power Delivery and Quick Charge

Stay Charged anywhere and everywhere with the Ultra Power Bank from WalknTalk!

For more information on the Ultra Power Bank 10000mAH from WalknTalk contact Signature Marketing NZ. – PH: 09 479 5524 – email:

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