Industry keen to improve NZ fisheries management system

Industry keen to improve NZ fisheries management system

3-seafood-nz-releaseThe New Zealand seafood industry welcomes the independent report into fisheries compliance operations, released by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

“This report raises some very important issues for the future management of New Zealand fisheries,” the Chief Executive of Fisheries Inshore New Zealand, Dr Jeremy Helson says.

“Where there is unlawful behaviour occurring we support actions by MPI to address it. This report provides a pathway to sit down with MPI and address some difficult and long standing issues.”

His comments are in response to the release of the findings of the independent review by Queen’s Counsel Michael Heron into circumstances surrounding specific Ministry for Primary Industries fisheries compliance operations.

“The use of electronic monitoring of fishing vessels is one of the issues for continued discussion.

“The industry supports initiatives that provide greater transparency around our operations and was pleased to invest in a trial of electronic monitoring of fishing vessels in the Auckland snapper fishery.

“This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Quota Management System. While it has served the country well in ensuring our fisheries are sustainable we believe there is room for ongoing improvement in New Zealand’s fisheries management.

“We’re keen to work with Government to ensure that our fisheries remain sustainably managed and  provide public confidence that there will be fisheries for future generations of New Zealanders to enjoy.”

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