Ho-Ho-Holiday treats

Ho-Ho-Holiday treats

The festive season is in full swing and shoppers all over New Zealand are stocking up on special treats, from pavlova to pudding and Christmas mince pies.

Woolworths Commercial Director for fresh Pieter de Wet

With so many new flavours to choose from, is the classic fruit mince pie still the undisputed favourite? Or are innovators challenging the status quo? What truly defines the best Christmas mince pie?

We asked Woolworths Commercial Director for fresh Pieter de Wet what’s trending in store right now.

Is the traditional Christmas fruit mince pie still your bestseller?

Interestingly, yes! Our traditional Christmas Fruit Mince Pie continues to be a bestseller among our Kiwi customers and it’s clear they like to keep up with tradition. I think the balance of the mince and shortcrust pastry make it a cherished holiday treat.

Are there any new flavours in store this Christmas?

This Christmas season we have introduced several exciting new flavours to cater to diverse Kiwi tastes. From twists on the traditional mince, like berry fruit fillings, to daring, non-traditional options like Rocky Road, we aim to offer a range that everyone can enjoy – even if you’re not a huge fan of the traditional flavours!

What do you look for in a perfect Christmas mince pie?

A perfect Christmas mince pie, in my opinion, has a rich, buttery pastry with a well-balanced fruit mince filling. The ideal mince pie should have a good blend of spices, a golden-brown crust, and a generous dusting of powdered sugar for that festive touch!

What’s your personal favourite treat for the holidays?

I love the Countdown Summer Berry Mince Pies. The combination of tart berries and the buttery shortcrust pastry adds a refreshing twist to the classic mince pie, which is a personal favourite for me, and it goes best with a cup of tea. If we’re talking about the wider range of Christmas treats, I do love a good brandy snap with fresh cream!

How many Christmas Mince Pies are you expecting to sell across your stores in New Zealand this season?

Around three million this season.

What other festive foods are popular this month?

In addition to Christmas Mince Pies, we’re seeing great demand for other Christmas favourites like ham, soft drinks and bubbles, custard and all the other classics. It’s great to see Kiwis getting into the Christmas spirit.

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