Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks


Nutrient-packed, natural and convenient snack foods are in hot demand for busy people on the go.

“We’re always being told the key to healthy eating is to be prepared and have healthy snack options on hand,” says Bliss Bites Marketing Manager Kirsty Heron.

“In an ideal world you would have been to your local raw food supplier and stocked up on your LSA, cacao and gojis and would have stood at the kitchen bench for an inordinate amount of time rolling your very own bliss bite creations. Snap to the real world and you’re starving, have five minutes to the next meeting/pick up and the vending machine is looking like your only option. Bliss Bites, Handcrafted by Loaf, to the rescue!”

Loaf’s Bliss Bites are made from the nutrient-packed raw ingredients, free from gluten, dairy and wheat. Ingredients include well-renowned superfoods such as goji berries, chia seeds, dates, almonds and blueberries. The only sugar you’ll find comes from dried fruit and honey.

They come in a pack of eight individually wrapped 15g servings. They’re perfect for lunch boxes, morning tea, on the go sports snacks or a sweet hit for the afternoon. The range includes:

* Goji Nut Bites – packed with a powerhouse of superfoods with goji berries, blueberries, chia, sunflower and linseeds combined with delicious raw peanut butter, dates, almonds and honey

* Cacao & Orange Bites – Finalist in the NZ Food Awards! A zesty combination of cacao and orange loaded with dates, almonds, honey, cranberries and coconut with a cacao nib crunch

* Apricot & Macadamia Bites – a tangy apricot, macadamia, cashew and coconut bite combined with dates and honey.

Bliss Bites (RRP $6.99) are available at Nosh, New World and on-line (see for more information).

Pure delish

Pure delish is an Auckland-based company of 19 years who manufacture breakfast cereals, snack bars, cookies and slabs. They pride themselves on unique, innovative and category challenging products that not only have many health benefits but taste amazing too.

At pure delish they employ people over machines. Everywhere you go, from the delicious smelling bakery to the packing room where every bag of cereal and each pack of biscuits is hand-filled, to the distribution warehouse, there are dedicated staff going about their craft and loving what they do.  It’s easy to see why the products taste so good.

And 2016 has been a very successful year for pure delish, with the introduction of two new products, both finalists in this year’s NZ Food Awards. The first, Nograin-ola Choc, is a choc-dipped, raspberry sprinkled version of their Nograin-ola Bar, followed by a new cereal Passionfruit Crunch Ancient Grain-ola. Both products are enjoying excellent growth and increasing distribution across all channels which is testament to their appeal with consumers.

“The high-end premium breakfast cereal and snacks category is continuing to grow like crazy with a lot of new players coming into the space,” commented Kaz Staples, owner of pure delish. “The great news is there are more and more people wanting to buy better quality products and they are realising the true value that comes with paying more for superior quality.”

2017 is already looking like it will be another fantastic year, with more product innovation already underway. What’s more exciting for pure delish is that the more they grow the more people they can employ. “This is the true essence of pure delish,” says Staples.

Sweet As Popcorn

Bill Neal, Director of Sweet As Popcorn, says his product is a natural and healthy treat that is gluten, dairy and GMO free and contains no artificial flavours or colours.

“People are looking for healthier options when it comes to snack food and popcorn fits that criteria. Sweet As Popcorn now has five different flavours available for people to enjoy. We have Sweet & Salty, Caramel, Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar and Buttermax. There are a variety of bag sizes that can be purchased – 20g, 40g, 140g, 150g and Multipacks, which are a great option for children’s lunch boxes. Sweet & Salty was the original flavour first introduced in New Zealand and still continues to be the #1 favourite. We recently introduced the Buttermax flavour to our selection and it is proving to be popular also.”

He says: “You will find Sweet As Popcorn in over 700 stores throughout the North Island. Sweet As Popcorn can also be found in New World, PAK’n SAVE, as well as Z, Mobil, Caltex and BP service stations throughout the North Island and is currently being introduced into these stores and others in the South Island. Popularity of Sweet As Popcorn is growing every day with sales doubling in the past eight months and we expect this trend will continue as the months go by.”

Be Natural

Be Natural has recently undergone a re-launch, driven by the aim to enable New Zealanders to eat more plant-based foods.

Innovation Manager Penelope Ryan explains: “As part of the re-launch we have launched a range of delicious snack bars complemented by natural, nutrient-dense plant based ingredients including Nut Delight Protein Nut Bar, Orange Cocoa Chia Protein Nut Bar, Blueberry Chocolate Almond & Coconut Quinoa Muesli Bar, Almond Pepita Cashew Quinoa Muesli Bar.

“The Healthy Snacks category fulfils a key need for consumers as a meal bridge and does this better than any other snack. Shoppers in this category look for portability, taste and sustenance. Innovation and ‘healthier choices’ are also important factors,” says Ryan.


James Crisp Ltd distributes the ‘Graze’ brand in New World and Pak’n Save stores, with a range of nine bulk nut and nibble products, which were launched in September 2015.

Melanie Taylor, Marketing Manager – Own Brands, James Crisp Ltd says: “We are very proud to say that Graze was the No. 1 new brand in Total Supermarkets MAT to 10.07.16 (Nielsen Data, TKA, T. Category (excl. PL & line extensions), Net Product Contribution ($)).

“In addition to our nine successful existing bulk pack skus, the following new Snack Pack products and bulk pack extensions were launched late September 2016 in New World and PAK’n SAVE stores, providing consumers with snacks that are healthy, but also deliver on taste. Our fruit and nut medleys offer a taste advantage through flavoursome combinations that are not only delicious, but nutritious as well.

Graze ‘Plus+’ Range

No ho-hum fruit & nut Snack packs here! We’ve taken some Kiwi favourites PLUS we’ve added some extra tasty bits:

Graze Cranberry Nut Medley + Pistachios & Blueberries 140g

Graze Roasted & Salted Deluxe Nuts + Pistachios & Macadamia Nuts 120g

Graze Roasted Scroggin + Pistachios & Double Choc 140g

Graze ‘Fancy Nut’ Range

Our single nut Snack Pack range is a little bit fancy:

Graze Roasted & Salted JUMBO Cashews 120g (we’ve taken a Kiwi favourite and UP-sized them!)

Graze Roasted & Salted Perfect Pistachios 120g (like our alliteration? You’ll love our Pistachios!)

Graze Bulk Pack Extensions

We’ve extended our successful bulk pack range so that consumers can get even more nuts for their bucks!

Graze Apricot Nut Medley 475g

Graze Tropical Nut Medley 475g

Graze Roasted & Salted Peanuts 800g

Taylor adds: “Distribution and rate of sale of the NPD is growing steadily since launch. The Graze Roasted & Salted Peanuts 800g variant is the top performing product at present, with this product being roasted and packed right here in New Zealand using quality peanuts from top tier suppliers. The 800g pack size really does offer consumers more nuts for their bucks.”

She points out the following key trends: “The consumption of dried fruit and nuts is escalating, driven by changing lifestyles and rising health consciousness. Consumers are looking for snacks that are healthy, but also deliver on taste. Convenience continues to be a main driver in this category and resealable bags are seen as an effective means of preventing over-indulgence in snack foods.”

Eat Real

Eat Real (Healthy Snacking) and Cofresh (Authentic Indian Savoury Snacks) products are distributed here by House of Fine Foods New Zealand. The most recent launch is ‘Eat Real Veggie & Kale Straws’ (113g).

Brand Manager Mayuri Naik says: “The Eat Real Veggie & Kale Straws are quickly becoming the best seller in the range of Eat Real Chips, outselling the three other Quinoa Chips flavours (Sour Cream & Chives, Chilli & Lime, Sundried Tomato & Garlic).

“Consumers are more open to trying new varieties and flavours of chips, they are trying to buy healthier snacks that taste great. Kiwis are spending $150m a year on potato chips with a growing market for specialty flavours. Better for you snacks continue to rise and Healthy Food sections in supermarkets are growing.”

Naik adds: “Eat Real’s range of nutritious snacks help break away from traditional snacking with the ideal grab-and-go healthy snacks based on three very simple concepts: taste, nutrition and real ingredients. Quickly becoming a leader across the UK, US, Canada and Asia snacking markets, Eat Real offers a diverse range of chips, snack bars and nuts as well as continuous efforts to regularly bring out new innovative products. Made from real, natural ingredients with no added nasties (no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives), we have something for the whole family that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Capturing a modern twist of everyday snacking with super grains, these snacks are high in fibre and suitable for vegetarians.”

Mother Earth

Brand Manager Julia Turner says: “The Mother Earth brand portfolio in the lunchbox aisle includes well known favourites Baked Oaty Slices, Fruit Sticks and Gluten Free Nuts About nut bars. The Mother Earth range are wholesome and as close to homemade as possible, with no artificial colours or flavours.

“Mother Earth’s Baked Oaty Slice brand continues to hold the #1 position in the Lunchbox category and is still providing strong growth at 6.3% vs YA*. A new Peanut Butter flavour was launched into the range in September 2016 in line with flavour trends in the market and sales to date are going well. Mother Earth Fruit Sticks are maintaining strong growth in the category with 4.4% growth vs YA*. Fruit Sticks continue to be a popular choice for the lunchbox and are great for portion control. Our Nuts About nut bar range has seen recent growth in the Gluten Free section, with sales doubling when positioned in this area in some stores. Consumers appreciate that there is now an affordable Gluten Free option in a nut bar, with other added benefits that nuts offer such as protein.”

Mother Earth recently launched a new sub-brand called On-The-Go; a better-for-you range of convenience snack products, for consumers who want wholesome single serve products in a format that is convenient for their busy lifestyle. Products in the range include Nuts 50g, Brekkie 45g (a portable breakfast snack) and Baked Oaty Slice 60g. Turner says: “The new On-The-Go products are perfect for positioning at checkouts and in impulse sections of the store as a better-for-you snacking option.”

*IRI-Aztec MarketEdge TKA NZ Grocery Nutritious Snacks – Dollars Growth & Share MAT 30/10/2016

Mother Earth nuts

Consumers know nuts are good for them, but which should they choose?

Mother Earth nuts create huge appetite appeal with so many choices of nut types, flavours and engaging pack designs. Ranging from freshly roasted cashews to irresistible Deluxe Mixes and flavoured nuts that are moreish, the breadth and depth of the Mother Earth range give consumers many reasons to buy multiple packs.

Consumers know Mother Earth uses only premium ingredients and that they will not be disappointed. Market research repeatedly confirms that the brand is well known and trusted as being reliable.

According to Senior Brand Manager, Lyn O’Sullivan, “Consumers enjoy our innovative Deluxe Mixes, because these unique blends of nuts plus real chocolate/dried fruit/seeds make everyday snacking deliciously rewarding. The health and wellness features of all our products are clearly communicated on pack. Consumers want to know what they are eating and why they should eat it.”

She adds: “And it’s for this reason Mother Earth’s snack range (Soy Mix, Bhuja Mix, Rice Snacks etc.) is a hit with consumers. No added MSG, colours, flavours or preservatives, health benefits on pack and a tempting variety of flavours and base ingredients”.

Sales are booming for Annies – food you trust!

Annies are a proudly owned New Zealand brand that has been making delicious and healthy fruit snack options for over 30 years.

The Annies range is increasingly popular for the snack market due to the 100% natural recipe. The range is free from additives, concentrates, gluten, dairy, nuts and there is no added sugar.

Sales are booming! What began as a cottage industry business, is now owned by Kono, a premium Maori brand representing the highest quality food and beverages from New Zealand.

Kono have a dedicated Product Development team and the recent addition of Mango Passion flavour to the 30g single bar range is proving to be a number 1 seller. Watch this space for exciting new flavours in 2017!

Keep an eye out for Annies’ latest product, Fruit Bites. Delicious bite-sized pieces available in a 200g resealable pouch. With two flavours, Mango Passion and Mixed Berry, and market research that shows huge interest, these are going to be a very popular addition to the Annies Kono basket, with a RRP of $6.99
The Annies range is a popular seller and sits in a unique position in the produce department.  Increased marketing and advertising spend is showing its rewards for the company and their retailers alike. If you’re looking for natural snacks that are simple, healthy and portable and provide inexpensive servings of some of New Zealand’s best fruit, then you’ve found them in Annies. In a world demanding healthier choices and less processing from food products, Annies delivers.

For more information, get in touch –


RebelFood was born out of frustration, says RebelFood Founder Joe Swatland. “We’ve grown tired of falsely advertised sports nutrition which floods the world market and lies that surround ‘healthy’ eating. Our answer to the fight are NutriBombs! Raw balls of fruits, nuts, seeds and the world’s most potent UltraFoods, bound together to create New Zealand’s most naturally nutritious snack product and to become a major player in sports nutrition and nutritional eating.

“I’ve been a Chef for some of the world’s greatest sports teams, such as the All Blacks, Barcelona FC, Chelsea FC, India Cricket and more, and what’s always apparent is their need for nutrition. It’s what makes them who they are, so why can’t we find this on the shelves?”

The award-winning NutriBombs may look like a simple product from the outside, but inside they are a complex mix using a huge nutrient database designed for aiding the human body in any situation, explains Swatland.

He says: “The current market is obsessed with nutrition, natural sugars, paleo and special dietary requirements such as gluten and dairy free. NutriBombs tick all of those boxes and we’ve developed our ideas around including as much of the nation as possible, as well as Singapore, India, Indonesia and the UK.

“November also saw the launch of our latest NutriBomb, Energise – Beetroot & Himalayan Salt. We have been working closely with GODZone Adventure Race over the last few months to bring a more savoury option to the market, allowing consumers to enjoy a high nutrient snack that isn’t as sweet,” says Swatland.

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