Griffin’s celebrates a big milestone

Griffin’s celebrates a big milestone

Griffin’s, a big brand behind many of New Zealand’s most iconic biscuits, is celebrating 150 years of baking this year. From small beginnings as a cocoa and flour miller in 1864, to now baking close to one billion biscuits every year, Griffin’s is a true success story.

Griffins finalKiwis chomp their way through nearly 50 million packets of Griffin’s biscuits each year, with favourites including Gingernuts, Toffee Pops, Cookie Bear Hundreds and Thousands, Shrewsbury and MallowPuffs.

Griffin’s GM of sales and marketing, Josette Prince says: “From playing an important role during war time in the 1940s making army ration biscuits for the troops, through to baking nine of the ten top selling biscuits in the country today, the brand has a special place in the hearts of generations of Kiwis.

“There have been many firsts like introducing automated ovens that baked biscuits around-the-clock, to replacing bulk tins with packets which revolutionised the way biscuits were sold in the late 1950s,” says Prince.

She adds: “Of course, Griffin’s can also lay claim to introducing the original and now iconic Gingernut, which Kiwis eat 203 of every minute!”

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