Gregg’s New Saucier Tomato Sauce

Gregg’s New Saucier Tomato Sauce

Gregg’s Tomato Sauce has been bringing Kiwi meals and snacks to life since 1861. Gregg’s has always stood for flavour, but has now been improved with a new formulation designed to create a tomatoier experience for consumers. The new formulation has refined the three main elements that make tomato sauce tomato sauce.

To start with, the taste has been made richer with a refined garlic and clove recipe designed to bring out the natural savoury richness of the tomato flavour.

The second element of tomato sauce is colour. The new formulation provides a brighter tomato red to improve on the darker look of the old recipe.

The third vital ingredient of tomato sauce is texture. The new Gregg’s Tomato Sauce has been thickened. This helps it stick better to your food with less risk of runny sauce squirting out all over the place; over your cheeks and down the front of your shirt.

This makes Gregg’s Tomato Sauce even saucier than ever before.

There’s no news in the fact that tomato sauce is one of New Zealand’s all-time favourites. It is something that we’ve all grown up with and it can be found in most homes.

As a part of launching the new improved recipe we decided to ask consumers the big question: “What food does tomato sauce go best with?”

It turns out to be a neck and neck race between the classic sausage sizzle and the family favourite fish and chips.

Behind these, the next preferred tomato sauce food is sausage rolls, followed by hot dogs and pies.

Tomato sauce is a Kiwi tradition, and now Gregg’s has just made that tradition even better.

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